Vision & Mission

To become a world class integrated Packaging & Accessories manufacturer for Ready Made Garment Industries in Bangladesh. Youngshine Packtrims Limited aims to be excellent manufacturing organization producing diverse range of products for the global market. Company will reach its vision expanding the customer line providing the best service to the customers, retaining the existing skilled employees and recruiting new potential employees providing cutting edge training and adopting the latest technologies in factory. “To be a Globally Preferred Trims and Packaging Solutions Company”.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR of Youngshine. . . Since inception, Youngshine has been always sensitive towards its surrounding communities. Social responsibility hence became synonymous with the Youngshine brand. Our LIVE GREEN philosophy started long before in our minds before it was officially integrated into the corporate policies of the various business divisions. Although rather silently, Youngshine has always sponsored many charitable causes for the betterment of the people, region and the greater community. The visionary business icon of the country, M.Golam Mustafa, Managing Director of Youngshine Packtrims Ltd. has always accepted by the extended community and industry peers as a man of resolute compassion to stand side by side with worthwhile charitable initiatives such as poverty alleviation, education, women empowerment, emergency relief, tree plantation, etc. We have not only been sensitive to the needs and comfort of all our staff members at all levels, we also actively endeavor to safeguard our living environment. We have continuously undertaken many initiatives to ensure that we make a difference towards a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

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